The VU Way: The Effect of Intensive Block Mode Teaching on Repeating Students


  • Rudi Klein Victoria University
  • Kate Kelly Victoria University
  • Puspha Sinnayah Victoria University
  • Maxwell Winchester Victoria University



This study examines the impact on academic success of two different models of teaching for repeating students. Students who failed in 2017 under the traditional model of teaching, involving a 12 week semester with lectures and tutorials, were exposed the following year to the newly introduced “block model” of teaching, whereby students study one unit at a time over 4 weeks in small classes. Repeating students who had previously failed the same unit were asked to complete a questionnaire online, which elicited their perceptions of the two different teaching models. In addition, data was extracted from the university’s central database to compare the success rate of failing students on their second attempt under the different teaching approaches. Results show a significant improvement in grades and pass rates with this new intensive block model of teaching along with positive student perceptions toward this more intensive, workshop based teaching method.

Author Biographies

Rudi Klein, Victoria University

First Year College

Kate Kelly, Victoria University

First Year College

Puspha Sinnayah, Victoria University

First Year College

Maxwell Winchester, Victoria University

First Year College






Curriculum development and innovation