The Use of Communications and Information Technology to Support Small-group Teaching Activities in Psychology


  • Annie Trapp


In this article we discuss with examples ways in which Communications and Information Technology (C&IT) can support small-group activities in Higher Education with a main focus on psychology. Identification of the range of C&IT used to support small-group activities will not only illustrate how educational objectives traditionally associated with seminars and tutorials can continue to be met even when class sizes increase but also provide exemplars of educational innovation within this area. The findings reported here are based on the work of the ASTER (Assisting Small-group Teaching through Electronic Resources) project which is led by The University of York with project partners at the University of Oxford, University College Northampton and the University of Surrey and funded under the UK Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) TLTP3 programme. The project aims to explore how communication and information technologies (C&IT) can assist students and lecturers in making the most effective use of smallgroup learning and teaching. The discipline areas investigated include psychology, physics and a variety of disciplines from the humanities.






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