Developing and Evaluating Physics Teaching Material with Algodoo (Phun) in Virtual Environment: Archimedes’ Principle


  • Harun Çelik Kırıkkale University, Faculty Of Education
  • Uğur Sarı Kırıkkale University, Faculty Of Education
  • Untung Nugroho HARWANTO Surya Institute, Indonesia


This study examines pre-service science teachers’ perception on computer-based learning (CBL) experiences through virtual physics program. An Algodoo program and smart board was used in this study in order to realize the virtual environment. We took one specific physic topic for the 10th grade according to the physics curriculum in Turkey. Archimedes` principle is one of the most important and fundamental concepts needed in the study of fluid mechanics. We decided to design a simple virtual simulation in Algodoo in order to explain the Archimedes’ principle easier and enjoyable. Smart board was used in order to make virtual demonstration in front the students without any real experiment. There were 37 participants in this study who are studying pedagogical proficiency at Kırıkkale University, Faculty of Education in Turkey. Case study method was used and the data was collected by the researchers. The questionnaire consists of 28 items and 2open-ended questions that had been developed by Akbulut, Akdeniz & Dinçer (2008). The questionnaire was used to find out the teachers`perceptions toward Algodoo for explaining the Archimedes’ principles. The result of this research recommends that using Algodoo program in physics teaching has positive impact and can improve the students’ understanding.

Author Biographies

Harun Çelik, Kırıkkale University, Faculty Of Education

Education Faculty, Science Education Department

Uğur Sarı, Kırıkkale University, Faculty Of Education

Education Faculty, Science Education Department

Untung Nugroho HARWANTO, Surya Institute, Indonesia

Surya Institute, Indonesia






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