Unpolished Gem/Gemma impura the Journey from Australia to Italy of Alice Pung’s Bestselling Novel

Adele D'Arcangelo


Alice Pung's Unpolished Gem was translated into Italian in 2010. Giving some examples of the challenge this work of translation presented, Adele D'Arcangelo will try to put Pung's novel in the picture of a wider production of multicultural literature available in Italy. Positive aspects related to the reception of Gemma Impura in Italy will be pointed out as well as the vital and fundamental collaboration between author and translator. The innate potentialities of Unpolished Gem to transform a personal experience in a universal one were doubled by the translation of the book in another language, allowing a wider and more eclectic readership to become familiar with Alice's story, and making its Australian setting overcome the boundaries of language and space

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