Teaching Environmental Chemistry on the Web


  • Geoffrey T Crisp


The Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Adelaide have been involved in a joint project on the use of the World Wide Web for the delivery of teaching resources to science and agricultural students. The Faculty of Science has established Adelaide Science Online (ASO) as a multi-faceted approach to the delivery of information to both staff and students within the Faculty, including teaching materials, research opportunities and the minutes and agenda for meetings as well as general administrative data. The facility has a full time manager and uses Lotus Notes as the database with a Domino server responsible for the storage and delivery of the material. This article will not cover the research and administrative facilities which are considerable in their own right but rather discuss our experience in designing and delivering a new course in Environmental Chemistry with the express intention that it be flexible in terms of the mode of presentation and that it be readily available to students both on and off campus






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