Concept Maps as a Resource to Enhance Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at Senior Secondary Level




Research has identified conceptual understanding as central to students’ mathematics comprehension. However, limited research is available to help teachers link mathematics concepts from junior to senior subjects during teaching and learning in Queensland. This mixed methods study is underpinned by constructivism. It explores teachers’ perceptions on how visual representations such as concept maps that link junior concepts (years 7 to 10) to senior concepts (year 11 and 12) can enhance the teaching and learning of conceptual knowledge at senior secondary mathematics. Surveys that include Likert scale items and open-ended questions were conducted with sixteen senior secondary mathematics teachers. To gain deeper understanding, eight semi-structured interviews were also conducted. Results show teachers hold the perception that when concept maps are used to link junior (years 7 to 10) to secondary concepts (year 11 and 12) they can be a resource that enhances conceptual knowledge, consolidation, and assessment of students’ mathematical knowledge. The role of visual representations in mathematics teaching and learning that is enhanced by concept maps is an area that needs more attention to help improve students’ participation and achievement.






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