Teaching Physics at High Schools and University – Key Problems


  • Renata Holubova Department of Experimental Physics, Science Faculty, Palacky University




The paper deals with the problem of physics education at high schools and problems that university students have in the first year of their study. Physics is a core subject in STEM education (STEM- science, technology, engineering, mathematics). The aim of the research was focused on parts of the physics curriculum that are difficult to teach and learn (concepts heat, temperature, density). Our research was provided in 2019-2022 at high schools (grammar schools) in the Czech Republic and in 2020-2022 at universities as part of the project Bridge2Teach solution.

The goal of the research was to answer two questions: 1. What are the critical places in the study program of the subject physics at high schools? 2. Can bridging courses at universities be helpful for pre-service science teacher students to overcome gaps in knowledge during the first term of the studies? The findings of this study are discussed in this manuscript. Examples of ways to prepare study materials for high school students are given.






Curriculum development and innovation