Avoiding the second year slump: A transition framework for students progressing through university


  • Janine Elizabeth McBurnie
  • Malcolm Campbell
  • Jan West


The ‘Sophomore Slump’ is a lack of engagement that can be experienced by students entering their second year at University. It has been a recognized phenomenon in American universities for many years but has gone largely unrecognized within Australian Universities. In 2009 a program called ‘Welcome to Second Year’ was introduced at a Metropolitan Australian University for Science students returning as second years or articulating straight into second year. The one day program took place during the week before trimester 1 classes commenced. The aim of the program was to re-engage students both socially with their peers, and academically with their course, and also to introduce them to professionals in their field. This paper provides a description of the program as well as student evaluation of the program over the three years it has now been run.






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