Information and Communication Technologies, Contrasting Teacher - Student Assessments in High Schools within Cuenca, Ecuador

Neli Norma Gonzales, Janeth Catalina Mora, Cesar Augusto Trelles


The purpose of this study is to diagnose the management and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as mathematical software in the teaching and learning of mathematics. A survey was provided to 64 mathematics teachers from different high schools in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador and their 381 students. A relational research approach was employed to collect and compare the data of the two educational participants, the teacher and the learner. According to the results of the study, most teachers reported that they use ICT to motivate learning and improve the assimilation of concepts. The students however, do not confirm that those technologies are being used at the levels mentioned by their teachers. GeoGebra is a Dynamic Program for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics. This software is better known and used for teaching in private education than in public education

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