Co-designing Integrated Mathematics and Science Lesson Learning Sequences for Primary Education




Integrating mathematics and science can enrich student learning by providing relevant, meaningful, and engaging learning experiences that promote positive attitudes towards both subjects. However, despite reported benefits in relation to student learning, various barriers to integration have also been identified, including limited teacher content and pedagogical content knowledge, and the need for professional learning support with planning and implementing integrated lessons. In this article, we report on one phase of a project in which mathematics and science education researchers and primary teachers collaborated to design two sequences of integrated mathematics and science lessons. We focus on the processes considered critical for success, including how knowledge was co-constructed by the design team to develop the integrated lesson sequences. Findings are communicated as a set of guidelines to support teachers and educators interested in replicating the process to integrate mathematics and science content.

Author Biographies

James Anthony Russo, Monash University

Lecturer in Mathematics Education

Jennifer Mansfield, Monash University

Lecturer in Science Education

Anita Green, Monash University

Mathematics Teacher and PhD candidate

David Jones, Sandringham Primary School

Science teacher

Colleen Vale, Monash University

Professor of Mathematics Education

Amanda Berry, Monash University

Professor in STEM Education






Curriculum development and innovation