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The International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education (IJISME) is a respected forum affiliated with The University of Sydney, for the sharing of original research, reviews and curriculum development and innovation, with a focus on enhancing educational outcomes for students and teachers in the disciplines of science and mathematics. We publish scholarly papers that focus on the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in educational settings ranging from primary school to university education. Our aim is to connect research and practice, providing insights, information and ideas to stimulate discussion and debate and inform practice in science and mathematics classrooms. As an international journal we encourage contributions from any country provided that the content is appropriate for our global readership.

The IJISME Editorial Board consists of the Editor-in-Chief, Professor Manjula Sharma, and associate Editors - a focused group of esteemed academics from various institutions specialising in specific areas and working together to ensure that the highest ethical standards for journal publication are achieved. The strategically decided upon small and targeted Editorial team include our Section Editors who manage the editorial process of manuscripts submitted within their areas of specialisation.
Associate Professor Daniel Southam oversees submissions in the field of Physical Sciences. Dr Joseph Rathner manages submissions in the field of Biomedical and Life Sciences. Professor Pauline Ross leads on submissions relating to Change Leadership, and Primary and Secondary Curriculum Change. Stephanie Beames is our Marketing and Communications specialist, and also manages our Special Editions. The Editor in Chief, Professor Manjula Sharma, overseas submissions not otherwise covered by our Section Editors.

We regularly publish Special Editions, guest-edited by one or several acknowledged experts, which focus on a particular topic of interest to our readers. Proposals are welcomed, please contact Journal Manager, Dr Ana Lopes, if you would like to propose a theme for a Special Issue and undertake the role of Guest Editor.

Some of our recent IJISME Special Issues include:

ACSME 2021. Guest Editors: Elizabeth Angstmann and Elizabeth Yuriev, Vol 30, No 3 (2022).

Agricultural Education. Guest Editor: Janelle Wilkes, Vol 29, No 4 (2022).

ACSME 2020. Guest Editors: Puspha Sinnayah and Deborah Jackson, Vol 29, No 3 (2021).

Technology and Active Learning in Bioscience Education. Guest Editors: Joseph Rathner, Puspha Sinnayah, Angelina Fong, Vol 27, No 8 (2019).

When Science Meets the Arts: Bridging the Subjective - Objective Divide Part 1. Guest Editors: Rosanne Quinnell, Margaret Wegener, Rebecca LeBard, Stephanie Beames, Vol 27, No 7 (2019).

Agricultural Education Symposium: Growing the Future. Guest Editor: Amanda Able, Vol 27, No 4 (2019).

We also accept and publish literature reviews. We use a double-blind review process for all submissions. Papers of a purely discipline nature, that is without an educational focus, will not be considered for publication. If you are unsure of the suitability of your paper please contact the Editor in Chief, Professor Manjula Sharma or the Journal Manager for advice.

IJISME is included in the SCOPUS, EBSCO and ProQuest indexing databases

All accepted peer reviewed manuscripts will be published online, open access and are citable by the digital object identifier (DOI) assigned at the time of publication.


Editor in Chief

Professor Manjula Sharma, Director, STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy; Head of the Sydney University Physics Education Research (SUPER) Group, The University of Sydney

Editorial Team

Professor Pauline Ross, Deputy Head of School, Life Earth and Environmental Sciences Teaching Principal, Professor of Biology, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, The University of Sydney

Associate Professor Daniel Southam, School of Molecular and Life Sciences (MLS), Curtin University

Dr Joseph Rathner, Department of Physiology, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science, The University of Melbourne

Dr Alexandra Yeung, School of Molecular and Life Sciences, Chemistry, Curtin University

Stephanie Beames, Project Manager



Current Issue

Vol. 31 No. 5 (2023)

IJISME Special Issue: ICPE 2022 (Part 2) Edited by: Dr John Debs, Australian National University

Published: 08-04-2024
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