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Arts: The Journal of the Sydney University Arts Association

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Australasian Humour Studies Network Conference

The 24th AHSN Conference will take place 2-4 February 2018 at the Centre for Tourism and Regional Opportunities, Central Queensland University, Cairns Campus, Cairns, Australia.

“Humour: How Does it Travel?” is the conference theme, recognising that humour moves between venues, culture, users and purposes, all of which may affect it in one way or another. For information on transport and accommodation and early conference enquiries, visit our Events page on the AHSN webpages at University of Sydney. More detailed information on the Call for Proposals and the AHSN review process is also located there.

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Submitting a Proposal

This is the conference proposal and review website. To submit your proposal for a paper, you must first register as a ‘User’ on this website. To create your personal account, please REGISTER, selecting ‘Author’ as your role. You may then ‘Log in’ and follow the prompts on ‘User Home’ for you as an Author to ‘Make New Submission’ and upload your Proposal.

For all other information on the AHSN and its activities, please visit

Abstracts and proceedings from previous year’s conferences are archived at the link below.

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butterfly image, ASLEC-ANZ 2016 Conference

Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology

AJE (ISSN 1839-843X) is the free peer-reviewed journal of the Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture – Australia and New Zealand (ASLEC – ANZ). Its members seek to promote the creation, appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the human sciences from ecological perspectives; its members seek also to share their knowledge for the benefit of all interested in research, reading, writing, media, teaching, and so on, in AJE's engagement with place, ecology and the environment.

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Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies

Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies is a fully-refereed journal of Victorian Studies published by the Australasian Victorian Studies Association.

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Australian Association for the Study of Religions Annual Conference Proceedings

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Australian Religion Studies Review

The Australian Religion Studies Review is now called Journal for the Academic Study of Religion. Please visit the website of JASR for current research from the leading peer-reviewed journal of the Pacific region dealing with all aspects of the academic study of religion. 

To view the archives of the ARS Review from 1988–2004, please click the link in the top navigation bar, or go here. You do not need to register to view the archives.

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